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Yes. Why not.

Solar panels are, after all, commercial products, and they follow the general rules that all commercial products follow.

We have seen how solar panels could cost as much as 15% lower when bought for large farms of 100 MW as compared to small kW sized rooftops.

Well, when we talk about price, what we mean is the landed price to the end user, and as you can see, there are a number of small cost components that can get added when catering to small sizes which could be waived off when catering to large, bulk orders. There are efficiencies in logistics, there are also some middlemen who can be eliminated, and some inventory costs can be cut as well.

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Beyond all these, any manufacturer would be happy to forego a reasonable reduction in his own margins for large, bulk orders.

Thus, as a result of all these, there is every chance that you can get a good deal on solar panels if you purchase them in bulk.

In sum, why it makes sense for a manufacturer to sell at lower prices when panels are purchased in bulk:

  • Economies of scale (even if not in manufacturing, some economies of scale can be derived from logistics and customer acquisition/servicing costs)
  • If you have a bulk order to make, it attracts more bids, increasing competition and driving prices down
  • The group has more negotiating power because they’ve created a larger project, which automatically increases their bargaining power

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