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Solar panels can be very small – your calculator technically had a small solar panel, fast forwarding to today, you can buy small solar panels less than 1 W capacity from eBay.

Of course, when we say solar panel, we usually refer to the solar panels that we see on rooftops and ground mounted farms. These solar panels are of much larger sizes – with the largest today reaching beyond 350 W!

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But outside of rooftop solar and solar farms, solar panels are used in other applications where the power requirements are much smaller.

Small solar panels today specifically come for a variety of offgrid applications – for solar streetlights, for solar lanterns etc.

While there is no official record for the smallest sized solar panel, for typical offgrid solar product applications, you can get solar panels that are as small as 5 Watts. Or sometimes even smaller.

As mentioned earlier, you can technically get solar panels as small as 1 W too, the question of course is, what you wish to accomplish with it, because a 1 W solar panel (which is essentially a small solar cell!), can generate just about enough electricity on a sunny day to charge a small battery for a lightweight mobile phone!

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