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Can you get solar panels at a lower cost if you buy it directly from a manufacturer?

It depends.

It depends on mainly the size of your solar power plant, and also the size of the solar panel manufacturer.

Large Indian and international manufacturers do not directly sell solar panels unless you are ordering a huge quantity – say 50 MW and above. They operate mainly through conventional sales channels such as distributors/resellers.

For typical folks putting up a rooftop solar power plant, they may not require higher than 25 kW – and it is hence unlikely prominent solar panel manufacturers can directly supply such small quantities.

that can get added when catering to small sizes which could be waived off when catering to large, bulk orders. There are efficiencies in logistics, there are also some middlemen who can be eliminated, and some inventory costs can be cut as well.

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So, yes, it is quite possible that you will get a very good deal if you directly buy solar panels from the manufacturer, but this might not be feasible unless you are putting up a large solar power plant.

For small scale solar power plant developers or rooftop solar developers, they might be better off working with a prominent EPC who is able to get a better deal out of a solar panel manufacturer. This is because the EPC could be placing orders with the solar panel maker for many of his clients, and thus can get a better deal from the solar panel manufacturer than a small scale developer can on his own.

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