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When you decide to install solar panels, it is important to know their weight as it can impact the integrity of the roof structure.

Solar panels are planned to be placed on the roof for a period of around 25 years. So, before installing it, there is a need to ensure that the roof structure has the capacity to withstand the panel weights.

How much do solar panels weigh?

A typical solar panel used for rooftops weighs around 1-2 kg per square foot with the mounting structures. This is usually within acceptable limits of roof loading. On a wattage level, a 250 watt crystalline panel typically has a weight of 20 Kg.

Now, whether your roof can take this load depends on your roof type.


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Some general inferences that can be made in this regard are:

  • Concrete tiles and RCC can typically supports high loads and are known to be durable
  • Asbestos or plastic roofs, which are commonly found on top of warehouses, are lightweight. Activities such as drilling could affect the load-bearing capacity of asbestos.
  • Metal roofs have one-fifth the weight of concrete tiles and are better to withstand the additional weight of solar panels. They are especially good for roof installations due to the fact that they have high strength-to-weight ratio.

If you are having asbestos sheets or polymer roofs, you should do a serious evaluation of the weight bearing limits of your roof before going for solar panels.

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