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It depends.

And here’s why.

Solar panels are put on mounting structures, which in turn are either mounted on the ground or on the rooftop.

In some cases, replacing solar panels will mean making alterations to the mounting structures as well. Thus, in these instances, you are looking at significant cost and efforts over and beyond just the cost and effort for the solar panels alone. In fact, under these circumstances, the costs and efforts will be a lot more if you were to replace solar panels on rooftops, as these will require almost complete dismantling of the entire structure in many cases, and starting from scratch.

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However, if intelligently designed and implemented, replacing solar panels should not be that difficult. Today, a number of modular mounting structure solutions are available that enable you to quickly dismantle a solar power plant and put it together back again.

What is needed in order to ensure such an easily dismantlable solar power plant is intelligent design right in the beginning.

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