Can Solar Panels Withstand Hailstorms?


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Recently, I came across incidents in Rajasthan where solar panels were destroyed by hailstorms (they were pretty much broken up), and a 10 MW solar power plant had to completely replace its solar panels. That’s a humungous amount of investment gone waste (the solar power plant was installed only 3 years back).

So it is only natural for solar power plant installers to be concerned about hailstorms and their effects on their solar panels.

So let’s take a detailed look at this topic.

The crystalline cells that make up most solar panels are actually quite fragile. Left exposed, they are indeed vulnerable against many vagaries of nature.

However, today’s high quality solar PV panels usually come equipped with laminate, glass, or acrylic casing to protect the crystalline cells underneath. Under test conditions, these protected panels can withstand high velocity hail pellets shot from pneumatic guns. In fact, some of the leading solar panel makers have shown videos in which their panels’  new glass-glass protective casing can take on hail stones shot at velocities of 260+ mph.

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So, good solar panels are pretty sturdy fellows, and damage from hail is exceedingly rare. What’s more, solar panels don’t usually take direct hits from falling debris. Due to the tilted angles of standard roof- and ground-mounted solar PV installations, most impacts are glancing blows.

This brief 2-minute video illustrates how incredibly resilient today’s solar panels truly are. The panels featured in this clip endure everything from hail to baseballs to utility vehicles!

Kind of puts solar panels and hail in perspective, doesn’t it?

Well, in short: Solar panels, chosen for good quality and from a good brand, should easily withstand multiple hailstorms and continue generating power for you for 25 long years and even beyond.

Just make sure you choose your panels with care.

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