Are Chinese Solar Panels of Poor Quality?


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I had answered a related question which asked whether Indian panels are better in quality than Chinese panels.

As I had mentioned in that answer, there are a number of top tier solar panel manufacturers in China who produce solar panels that have stood international scrutiny on quality. Among the top ten module manufacturers worldwide ( in terms of total Wattage shipped), most of them are Chinese for 2016. This has been the case for the past few years as well, so it is not as if a bunch of Chinese companies have suddenly sprung to the front of the line.

So, there are some very good Chinese solar panel companies out there (Trina, Yingli, Renesola, JA Solar, Canadian Solar…). At the same time, I have personally seen cases when solar panels were acquired from unknown Chinese firms, at ridiculously low prices, with little documentation, data sheets and warranties. Needless to say, the number of failures in installations for these solar panels have been very high.


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So, I guess the Caveat Emptor is the same: Whichever country you purchase solar panels from, don’t fall for cheap prices but do a thorough due diligence of the key quality parameters.

If you are buying Chinese solar panels, and your buying from a company which is not in the top 5 or 10 in rankings, take your time to understand more about the company – its size, how long the company had been around, how vertically integrated the company is, and details of the company’s operations in India.

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