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This is a difficult question to answer.

This is because there are a number of companies in China making solar panels and there are quite a few companies in India as well making solar panels.

There are horror stories about poor quality Chinese panels that failed after just a few months in India; at the same time, some of the top tier Chinese solar panel firms supply excellent quality solar panels at competitive prices – quality that are some of the best in the world.

Similar is the case with Indian solar panels. There have been clear documented cases of some Indian companies selling poor quality solar panels really cheap, directed mainly at those developers who were just cashing in on some tax incentives and who were not too bothered about the longevity of their solar power plants. At the same time, some of the prominent Indian solar panel firms make panels that would rate pretty high on quality.


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Just to let you know, the quality of the solar panels depends on a number of factors – the module making equipment (which can range from fully manual to fully automated), the quality of the supporting infrastructure, the quality of management and more.

As you can well guess, whether it is an Indian company or a Chinese company, if they do not invest enough in their technology, processes and management, the overall quality of their solar panels will suffer.

This is all the more reason for you to comprehensively evaluate the manufacturer of your solar panel – and I find it ridiculous many buyers of solar panels look at nothing more than just the price!

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