Should I be Concerned about What Backsheets are Used for Solar Panels?


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Most solar panel users have not even heard of backsheets, but they would have seen them all the same.

The backsheets are the ones you see at the back of the solar panels, typically white-colored plastic material. The backsheets are usually made of polymers – either PVDF (poly vinylidene fluoride) or PET (polyester), or a combination of these two polymers.

As these are actually the protective layers that are exposed to the soil and environment under the solar panels, these essentially need to be of very high quality to withstand moisture, heat and more for 25 years.


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So yes, backsheets are super important and you need to double check on the materials – usually a combination of polyester and flouride plastics – that are used to make these backsheets.

When you are purchasing solar panels, spend a moment on the data sheet to check out more specs on the back sheet and ask your installer or vendor about the material that the back sheet is made of.

While currently most module makers prefer to use PVDF as it is supposed to have superior material characteristics, there are claims that companies are also coming up equally good (or better) polyester based back sheets that cost slightly less than the equivalent PVDF based back sheets.

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