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Bird droppings should not be much of a concern for solar panels as long as the panels are cleaned regularly.

If you live in an area frequented by birds, well, I mean, lots and lots of birds, you can rest assured that there will be bird droppings on your panels. These could be occasional if you are lucky, but could be far more frequent if you are not.

Of course. if your solar panels are located in a region with significant bird presence and bird droppings, you might have to increase the frequency of cleaning, or at least cleaning out those portions or panels that have significant amounts of bird droppings.

Should your area also have frequent rains, these could to a certain extent wash off the bird droppings – as they will wash off the dust and dirt off your solar panels as well. But otherwise, you will be wise to do regular inspections of your solar panels and clean off any bird droppings. In fact, the sooner you clean them, the less water and force you will have to apply to take the poop off the surface!

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