How Important are the Aluminium Frames around the Solar Panels?


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The Aluminium frames around the solar panel, hugging the glass covering on top and the backsheet at the bottom, has been an important, though often ignored component of a solar panel.

While there are now frameless solar panels available in the market, the Aluminium frames play an important role where they are present, as they provide the structural stability for the overall combination of glass, EVA encapsulant, the cell and the backsheet.

And thus, it is important to make sure that you do not compromise on the quality of the Aluminium frame that are used in the solar panel.

Although, the aluminum frame can seem like a very insignificant component of a solar module, it can often be the difference between a defective solar module and one that is in perfect condition.


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During adverse weather conditions, when there is the likelihood of panels flying off or being exposed to a dusty environment, modules can get damaged easily. The aluminum frame cover around solar modules can go a long way in ensuring that the modules remain intact and are defect-free. Therefore, if chosen poorly, the repercussions would be terrible for the solar module maker as well as the developer who purchases these modules.

How to Ensure You Are Buying High Quality Aluminum Frames?

Ensuring that the following are taken care of:

  • Anodized Aluminum with clear coating for high corrosion-resistance
  • High tensile strength to improve snow load resistance, wind impact etc…
  • Ensure that you leave ample distance between the bus bar and module frame to help prevent short circuits, insulation deterioration and other problems.
  • Matching of frame color with that of racks and clips.

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