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Well, I have to be careful while I answer this question.

When I list the top solar panel makers here, I do not necessarily mean that they are the best in quality, though they might be.

What I mean by Top here is that these are all relatively large and prominent solar panel manufacturers, with most of them having been around for quite some time.

With this disclaimer, here are some of the prominent Indian solar panel makers from India:

  • Tata Power Solar
  • Waaree Energies
  • Vikram Solar
  • Emvee Solar
  • Swelect/HHV Solar


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As you can see, there are not too many. While there are over 60 solar panel makers in India, a large % of them are small, with over 50% of them having capacities of less than 20 MW of module production per annum. Some of them could be producing modules of quality as good as or even better than the that of the larger companies, but they are not exactly large, prominent or well-known.

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