How many EPCs are there in India?

It is interesting to note that considering the attractiveness of solar, there is significant interest among entrepreneurs and businesses to enter the solar EPC segment. As of mid 2016, Solar Mango estimates there to be over 1000 EPCs in India. And the number is on the rise!

There is an increased number of EPCs active especially in the small-scale segment, be it rooftop or ground-mounted.
In the rooftop sector, there are a number of EPCs operating in the residential and small-scale commercial/industrial rooftop segment. This is mainly due to the fact that these segments require far less credibility and performance metrics. It also helps that profit margins are high in these segments, and large, brand name players are not keen on catering to these segments.

OPEX players such as Amplus Solar typically develop their build, own and operate their solar projects for the PPA duration.

Some of the EPCs involved in large-scale ground-mounted projects (>25 MW) are IPPs who apart from owning the project also do their own EPC works.

To summarize, the residential market is dominated by small EPCs and the large-scale ground mounted market is dominated by the large EPCs.

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