In order to excel in a highly competitive and dynamic market, solar EPCs must ensure that the right guys with right skillsets are hired. Solar power plant implementation jobs require personnel with a good blend of technical as well as managerial expertise.

Being a business that is highly people dependent, solar EPC entrants must hire the right mix of personnel with the right skillsets in order to perform in a competitive market. Some of the mandatory skillsets to be brought as part of the solar EPC team include the following:

  • Project management
  • Sales/marketing – this is often ignored, PLEASE DON’T. Get a dedicated marketing/sales person
    Engineering (electrical, PV design, civil)
  • Very often, smaller EPCs are tempted to outsource many key functions such as design and marketing. But these core abilities are vital to developing the EPCs business and without it the so-called EPC is nothing more than a middle-man. Therefore, Solar Mango strongly recommends employing dedicated design and marketing personnel.

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