EPC, which stands for Engineering, Procurement, Construction, refers to the company that does turnkey work for a solar power plant implementation – from design, to procurement of components to power plant construction. Some EPCs also take up maintenance work during the duration of the solar power plant.

The following chain describes the various key components of value addition in a solar EPC operational chain:
Design ==> Approvals ==> Material Supply ==> Excavation & Construction ==> Mounting of Structures ==> Mounting of PV Panels & Electrical Wiring ==> Installation of Inverters and Substations ==> Testing and Connecting to Grid

The first aspect you should consider is to ensure that the EPC you choose should have expertise that covers all components of the above value chain. The EPC might not have all the skill sets in his core team, but should be able to show partnerships that have the capabilities the core team does not.

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