What are the usual timelines provided by good EPCs for project completion?

One prominent distinction between solar power plants and many other conventional power plants, especially thermal or nuclear power plants, is the amount of time it takes to install the power plant. While conventional power plants could take a few years from concept/design to commissioning, solar power plants, even those that are reasonably large (10+ MW) can be completed within a few months. Once the PPA has been signed and the financial closure is through, the EPC selected is then responsible for the completion of the project in time.

Usually MW projects of the scale of 1-5 MW takes around 4-5 months for completion – which denotes the time when the EPC starts the design work to the time when the first unit of power is generated from the power plant. A 1 MW plant and 5 MW plant could take the same time for project completion, only the number of personnel employed will be higher.

Solar power plants greater than 10 MW could take longer, depending on logistic delays etc.

In the case of grid connected solar power plants, please note that while the EPC might be able to complete the power plant within the durations noted above and also connect the power plant to the nearest substation, the actual flow of electricity from the power plant to the grid can happen only after all the approvals have been obtained from the local electricity distribution authorities. The timeline for this depends on the specific region and its bureaucratic delays, and is not covered in the timeline given by the EPC.

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