Is it a good idea to use high efficiency solar panels for your rooftop?

Efficiency is one key feature of solar panels that most customers are interested in right away.

Although most customers go for ‘best value-for-money’ solar panels rather than ‘most efficient’ solar panels which are costlier, many customers are warming up to idea of purchasing premium high-efficiency panels.

Which are the ‘high-efficiency’ solar panels referred to over here?

Typically, by high-efficiency solar panels, we are referring to monocrystalline solar panels which have efficiencies in the range of 18-24%. What this means in layman terms is that, for the same rooftop area, monocrystalline panels have a higher electricity generation capacity.

SunPower and Panasonic are the two main companies that focus on producing high efficiency panels. In fact, SunPower holds the record for the world’s most efficient solar module with 24.1% efficiency.

But note that despite this high efficiency, the cost-conscious mass market does not prefer these panels due to their higher cost, which is typically 50% higher than polycrystalline panels. So, the target customers for these module maker are the customers who are more quality and brand focused.

So, essentially, Solar Mango feels that monocrystalline panels are especially attractive for customers who don’t mind paying a premium for a better quality. And these typically the customers who have an appetite for trying out new and innovative technologies in the market. Many IT industries and pharma companies belong to this category.

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