In urban areas, there are a number of tall buildings which have so many window panes on it. Imagine a scenario where all the windows are able to produce solar power with the windows still serving their purpose of letting in ample amount of sunshine.

Transparent solar panels have made such cool innovations possible. A niche market for such a product spurred years of research that has resulted in development of various transparent solar panel technologies.

In one such transparent solar panel technology, rather than putting up new solar panels, liquid coatings can be applied on windows to produce transparent thin films. And this processed glass surface can produce electricity.

Although many of these so-called transparent solar panels were not actually transparent, there are newer technologies that actually is transparent to a great extent. Rather than absorbing the visible sunlight, they absorb the infrared and UV portion of sunlight to produce electricity.

This is a cool technology and possible applications include mobile phone screens and skyscrapers.

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