Often it happens that you wish to put up solar panels on your rooftop but don’t want the entire space to be taken up by them.

It is exactly due to this that many residences and commercial establishments are interested in putting up elevated structures which are at least 8 feet above the ground so that movement is easy. The space below can be used as for gardening, conducting parties or even as canteens.

The key question that arises when elevated structures are put up is the cost associated. Clearly, extra steel is need to raise the structure to an elevated height. So, there is some added cost.

Typically, an elevated structure can cost 1.5-2 times the cost of a typical structure. Overall, the additional structure cost can increase the cost of a solar power plant by about 20%.

But sometimes it is about convenience than cost. And it wouldn’t be surprising to see many commercial and residential customers going for such innovative solutions.

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