Greenhouse is a building with a roof and sides made of glass or polycarbonate sheets, used for growing plants that need warmth and protection. In case of solar greenhouse projects, the roof is used to place PV panels for energy generation while side sheets can be removed when required for controlling the environment inside greenhouses.
Solar panels on greenhouses offer the following benefits.

  • It is an efficient way of utilizing land which is often difficult to acquire
  • With solar greenhouse projects that the water used for cleaning solar panels can be used for watering the agricultural produce below it
  • This can be good way of promoting solar in rural areas, which is where greenhouse facilities are more common and ideal to set up

If large solar greenhouse projects are set up, the power generated can be used for powering nearby households, or even pumps and drip irrigation units used in such facilities. Apart from producing solar generated electricity in power-deprived rural areas, large-scale solar greenhouse projects have the potential to churn out a lot of jobs too.

When you take a look at the benefits solar greenhouses provide to the farming community in general, along with potential to address the power shortage problem, it definitely looks like solar panels over greenhouses is a good and practical idea in India. And the government, with the kind of targets it has for solar power, might even be willing to incentivize this segment to achieve their goals.

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