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How much do you really know about CO2? – All about CO2

Launching – All about CO2 – a comprehensive guide to CO2 that answers over 100 questions 

If there is one gas, chemical compound that has dramatically risen in prominence in the last two decades, it has been carbon di-oxide, owing to its high global warming potential.

Mind you, it is present as only a small portion of the […]

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What is the significance of adopting a superior monitoring solution for your solar plant?


For most customers, a solar inverter’s basic display is informative enough. It is easy to access—right on the front of the inverter — and displays the basic monitoring parameters, which typically includes instantaneous power output, daily energy production, and total up-to-date energy production. And this is the kind of monitoring solution that is predominantly seen […]

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What is the relevance of building-integrated photovoltaics in the current solar market?

Building-integrated photovoltaics or BIPVs have emerged over the years as a solution to make buildings energy efficient. BIPVs replace traditional roofing materials used on buildings. This thin-film PV technology relies on novel manufacturing methods. To make the materials, the active material that converts sun rays to power is deposited in a thin, naturally translucent layer on […]

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Can solar panels look attractive?

While selecting solar panels for your rooftop, most of the emphasis is on aspects like capacity, cost economics, returns etc. For many rooftop owners, putting up solar panels is also a matter of pride and reputation. And what better way to keep your reputation than installing solar panels that look good. Very often, the aesthetics […]

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Why are rooftop customers keen on putting up solar panels over elevated structures?

Often it happens that you wish to put up solar panels on your rooftop but don’t want the entire space to be taken up by them.

It is exactly due to this that many residences and commercial establishments are interested in putting up elevated structures which are at least 8 feet above the ground so that […]

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How beneficial are solar panels on parking lots?

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Solar canopies over parking lots have emerged as an innovative solution for many business enterprises, hospitals, retail stores etc. to go solar.

Solar carport solutions […]

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Will solar with battery storage disrupt the solar power market?

Solar with battery storage is a sought-after option for many industrial, commercial and even residential consumers.

The huge interest in solar storage solution means that there a big market that is willing to adopt it. But it hasn’t yet. And the reason is obviously the cost!

In India, integrating batteries into your solar solution would cost 30% […]

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Is it a good idea to go for hybrid inverters for your rooftop solar solution?

As you may know, the function of an inverter is to convert DC power coming from the solar panels to AC. A hybrid inverter facilitates storage of some or all of this power by including the provision of connecting a battery or serve as an alternate source of electricity with diesel gensets.

Hybrid inverters ensure that […]

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Can rooftop solar plants also deploy solar trackers like the ground-mounted solar farms?

In ground-mounted plants, solar trackers are very common and help direct the solar panels along the direction of the sun thereby increasing production while reducing LCOE over its lifetime.

But, why are solar trackers on rooftops very rare?

Solar rooftop trackers are generally avoided because putting up trackers on rooftops is quite complex due to high wind […]

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What benefits do solar-wind hybrid systems bring along with them?

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Economically speaking, solar-wind hybrid has the potential to save about 7-10% in capital investments owing to the synergies
The potential reduction in energy […]

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