While selecting solar panels for your rooftop, most of the emphasis is on aspects like capacity, cost economics, returns etc. For many rooftop owners, putting up solar panels is also a matter of pride and reputation. And what better way to keep your reputation than installing solar panels that look good. Very often, the aesthetics of solar panels can be pretty important too.

There have been cases where solar projects were blocked due to bad appearance or affecting the visual space of residents. This has been especially seen in the case of historic buildings or home associations. Even homeowners have hesitated to go for solar systems due to reservations on how solar panels look.

Now, whether solar panels look good on a rooftop or not is a matter of perception. Nevertheless, with so many solar solutions on offer by installers, finding a solar solution that is both economic and aesthetically pleasing is no more a difficult task.

More often than not, the appearance of a solar system on your rooftop can be improved by making simple design tweaks such as placing the panels in a way that is less conspicuous to the observer or away from the visible portion of the home, thereby minimizing distractions.

One interesting solution to make solar panels look attractive is to use BIPVs (building-integrated photovoltaics). These form part of the roof by replacing roofing materials like glass, window, skylight etc. and additionally producing solar power. They come in various shapes and designs with numerous solution offerings for integrating well with your building. Despite being an expensive solution, these are being increasingly adopted due to the twin benefits of replacing roofing material plus generating solar power.

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