Typically, EPCs provide a standard quote to every prospective customer depending on the size of the solar plant he plans to implement. This quote may just contain the final project cost or may also include a detailed cost-breakup of various components.This can be considered as only a preliminary cost as it is possible that the sizing of project is not accurate which has to be determined later on based on site assessment. Nevertheless, a detailed sample cost-breakup, if provided, can provide the customer with a broad overview of the costing.

It is important to understand that the actual final quote can also depend on any specific requirements from the customer. The cost can go up if the customer wishes to include other technology additions like trackers, comprehensive monitoring systems, etc. It can also depend on the make of inverters, panels, cables and other equipments selected for the project.

So, yes, typically EPCs do provide a free quote to a prospective customer. But the extent of detail provided in the quote depends on the genuineness of the enquiry or how serious the customer is about the solar plant installation.

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