Typically, solar EPCs provide performance guarantees for the solar power plant they implement. In fact, this is one of key expectations from the power plant developer. A typical solar EPC guarantees that a power plant will work at a certain level of efficiency.

Now, a good EPC ensures that clear financial remedies are in place to account for a scenario where the specified efficiency levels are not met. In such a case the project owner is in a much better position to make his investment. Performance guarantees and associated liquidated damage remedies allow project owners to pass the risk of an under performing facility to the EPC responsible for designing and/or constructing it. This protection allows the project owner to make up the revenue shortfall for such under-performance so that the project company has sufficient project funds to repay its lenders and earn the expected return on equity.

Typically, the performance guarantees provided by the installers are established through performance tests and indicated by a metric called the Performance Ratio (PR).The performance ratio is usually calculated after the first year of plant operation and usually the contracts also clearly state the compensation clauses that are applicable in case the performance ratio is not met.

A high-efficiency plant should enable the EPC contractor to quote a performance guarantee of a minimum 75% P.R., along with associated bank guarantees or financial compensation, in case the guarantee is not met.

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