What metrics should you use to evaluate the past performance of an EPC?

While conducting due diligence on an EPC, its past performance is an useful metric that should be evaluated before the final decision is made.

The following parameters are used to evaluate the past performance of solar EPCs.

  • Overall performance achieved in previous projects – Apart from conducting research on the number, size and nature (rooftop or ground-mounted) of projects completed by the EPC, evaluating the performance of these installations could be indicative of the project execution capabilities of the EPC. It is also worth investigating the specific details such as the warranty and claims management of the EPC in previous projects.
  • Feedback from existing clients – Testimonials from current customers can go a long way in establishing the credibility and reliability of the EPC. Apart from knowing whether the EPC has executed its’ projects on time, the quality of post-implementation support provided by them can clearly indicate how reliable the EPC can be.
  • Awards and honors received – An EPC having awards and honors under their belt, received from government organizations or reputed private bodies, can also be an attractive feature.

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