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Choosing the right EPC is the most critical decision you will have to make when you decide on putting up a solar power plant. In this context, it is vital for you to understand how best to select the EPC and what are the different aspects you should consider in this regard.

In this Super Big FAQ on EPC Selection, Solar Mango answers important questions on EPC selection to assist the power plant developer in making the right decision on EPC selection.

Here’s the list of FAQs on the selection of EPC for your solar power plant.

Basics of Solar EPCs

  • What are the different kinds of solar EPCs? – Here
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of a solar EPC? – Here
  • How many EPCs are there in India? – Here
  • Solar EPC in India – Roles, Value Chain, Companies, Cost – Here
  • Solar EPC Contracts – Terms & Conditions, Formats – Here
  • What is the need for choosing the right EPC? – Here
  • What could be some of the consequences of going for a poor quality solar EPC? – Here
  • Should I go for a small EPC or a large EPC? – Here
  • What are the critical characteristics of an EPC I should be most concerned about? – Here

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Choosing the right EPCs

  • How Do I Choose the Right Installer for a Rooftop Solar System? – Here
  • How to Choose the Right EPC for Your Solar PV Power Plant – Here
  • How do you know whether an EPC is credible? – Here
  • What are the don’ts while choosing a solar EPC? – Here
  • What metrics should you use to evaluate the past performance of an EPC? – Here
  • What are the value-added services that can be provided by good EPCs apart from efficient power plant installation? – Here
  • Should you go for an EPC that provides O&M (Operations and Maintenance) services as well? – Here

EPCs- Contract Terms and Value-Additions

  • What kind of guarantees is provided by a good EPC? – Here
  • Can you avail a free quote from an EPC before you decide on them? – Here
  • How important is the solar EPCs’ transparency in transactions? – Here
  • How will the level of sub-contracting done by a solar EPC affect the power plant installation? – Here
  • What difference can a solar EPC’s skill in engineering design bring to the power plant? – Here
  • What kind of team profile should you look for in a solar EPC? – Here
  • What are the usual timelines provided by good EPCs for project completion? – Here
  • How much do EPCs charge for their services? – Here
  • What value addition can solar EPCs with good industry partnerships provide? – Here
  • What should I be aware of while signing contracts with EPCs? – Here
  • What are the certifications you need to look for in an EPC? – Here
  • What are the critical value-adds to expect from high-quality solar EPCs? – Here

Blogs on Solar EPCs:

  • Dos and Donts for Indian MW solar power plants – Here 
  • Choosing the right EPC for your MW solar power plants – Here
  • Don’t be Lakh Wise, Crore foolish – Solar Mango’s Request to Solar Power Plant Developers – Here

Interactive Tools on Solar EPC selection:

  • Selecting the right EPC/Installer – Here
  • How to make sure you get what has been promised by your installer – Here

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