Types of EPCs

Solar Mango has compiled below the type of EPCs along with examples of EPCs with operations in the Indian Market

EPC Categorization Highlights Examples
Large-scale EPCs ·         Typically, EPCs active in setting up solar projects upwards of 50 MW L&T, Tata Power Solar
EPCs with Local/Regional Focus ·         Possibility to develop a strategic advantage by developing a good customer base

·         Easy availability of local references

SolarTown, a rooftop solar EPC that is predominantly active in Chennai and Tamil Nadu. There are several more such as this.
EPCs taking up mainly sub-contract work from larger EPCs ·         Can save up on costly marketing and follow the B2B marketing route to avail sub-contract works from larger EPCs

·         Can be challenging to get into the good books of big EPCs

Chennai-based Vigor Solar has taken up sub-contracting works from companies like large EPCs like L&T and Tata Solar
Specific functions alone


·         Taking up a more focussed sub-contract job of specific function alone such as civil works, electrical wiring etc.

·         Playing to your strengths can help build your reputation and better penetrate the market.

Hyderabad-based Vaishnavi Constructions takes up mainly civil sub-contracts.


Pure- play design firms ·         Suitable for companies in electrical design domain and small EPCs that have the capability and resources for providing a specialised expertise Chennai-based Avant Garde specialises in design for solar as well as other clean energy domains.
EPCs with an O&M focus ·         EPCs pitch themselves by emphasizing on the importance of asset management (O&M, warranty management, receivables management, insurance claims etc.) being an important activity throughout the 25-year lifetime of a solar plant

·         Can be highly promising for players who position themselves early in the market.


Pune-based RENOM is one example of an O&M and asset-management focussed firm.

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