Attractive Market Segments for Solar EPCs

Under the Commercial and Industrial Sector, Solar Mango has estimated the potential these segments for both rooftop and off-site systems by evaluating six parameters. These are:

  1. Profit Margins
  2. Day-time energy consumption
  3. Overall Energy consumption
  4. Availability of Rooftop Space
    1. Grid Tariff, and
  5. Pioneer Mentality

The results are tabulated below:

Rooftop – Market Segments Ground Mounted- Market Segments
Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Leather Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Leather
Automobile/Auto Ancillaries Automobile/Auto Ancillaries
Hospitality Hospitality
Hospitals/Healthcare Hospitals/Healthcare
Electrical & Electronics Electrical & Electronics
Textiles Textiles
Entertainment- Malls, Multiplexes, Amusement Parks Entertainment- Malls, Multiplexes, Amusement Parks



Over and above these, Solar Mango feels that the institutional sectors like Airports, Seaports, Metros, Railways, etc., are also attractive target markets for EPCs. Government institutions also have been analysed as an attractive market since there is always a guarantee of payments with the government, though the payments could be delayed. Most competitors are ardently eyeing this segment since the security of payments and scale under this sector is far more supreme than the other sectors.

The Government usually prefers pay-per-unit model as it does away with the huge initial investments required for putting up the plant.


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