Super Big FAQ on MW Scale Solar Power Plants

Over years,we have answered several questions regarding MW scale, ground-mounted solar power plants on Solar Mango. We have compiled and categorized the related questions and answers for your ease of use.

Large Scale (MW)  Solar: Basics-

  • What is Utility Scale Solar or MW Scale solar power plants? – Here
  • Guidelines for setting up a  MW solar power plant – Here
  • How much land is required for MW-scale solar power projects? – Here 
  • What type of land is suitable for large scale solar plants? –Here 
  • Should I implement a large-scale solar power plant for my business? –Here 
  • Do I have to own my own solar power plant or should I just buy solar power? – Here
  • How do I know if my region gets enough solar radiation? – Here 
  • What portion of my factory’s needs can be supplied from solar power plants? – Here
  • I have lots of land. Should I use it to own a large scale power plant? – Here
  • Drivers and Challenges for MW scale solar power plants in India- Here
  • Timelines for MW scale solar power plants in India?- Here
  • What is a solar-wind hybrid plant? – Here
  • What is CUF and how is it relevant for solar farms? – Here


  • Business Models for solar power plants in India? – Here
  • Getting a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) for solar power plants in India? – Here
  • Financing options and market strategies for MW-scale solar projects in India- Here
  • What is LCOE and how do I calculate it?Here
  • What do financial investors when funding solar power plants ?- Here
  • What is the initial investments and O&M costs involved in a MW-scale solar power plant in India? – Here
  • What is LCOE and how do I calculate it?Here
  • What is grid parity? – Here
  • What is the rate of returns from MW scale plants in India? – Here
  • What are the financing options available for MW scale projects? – Here
  • Is solar power really cost competitive against conventional power? – Here
  • Competitive Scenario for MW scale power plants – Here
  • Costs of small MW scale projects in India- Here
  • Installation cost of utility scale projects in the U.K – Here
  • Cost of utility scale solar power in the U.K – Here
  • Installation cost of utility scale solar power plant in the U.S- Here
  • Cost of utility scale power in theU.S- Here
  • Can I get solar panels at low prices if I buy them in bulk? – Here
  • What is the cost of maintaining solar panels for 25 years? – Here
  • For more on Costs and Returns, click Here

Solar Power Plant Evaluation-

  • Evaluation of power plant components used/to be used- Here
  • Overall power plant evaluation –Here
  • Performance evaluation during high winds – Here
  • Performance evaluation during high temperatures-Here
  • Performance evaluation when exposed to high amounts of dust-Here
  • Is the solar power plant located in areas prone to floods and water logging?- Here
  • What are the performance guarantees provided by the installer?-Here
  • What are the O&M practices followed?- Here
  • Is there scope for expansion of the power plant, in terms of scale?- Here
  • What are the key problems faced in solar power plants?- Here
  • For more on Solar Power Evaluation, Click Here

Solar Power Plant Components-

  • How do solar PV panels work? – Here
  • Which is better- crystalline or thin-film panels?- Here 
  • What are mounting structures?- Here
  • What are central inverters? – Here 
  • What are micro inverters? – Here
  • What are string inverters? – Here
  • What is the direction the solar panels should face? – Here 
  • What are the warranties and guarantees I should look for in my power plants? – Here
  • What parts of solar power plants are prone to failure? – Here 
  • How do solar trackers work?- Here 
  • Should Indian Solar Power Plants use trackers? – Here 
  • What are solar power plant monitoring systems and what are their benefits? – Here

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