What are the individual contributions of components to the overall costs of a MW- Scale Solar Power Projects?

This is a common question we get at Solar Mango.

Most of the industry experts agree on Rs.5.5-6 Crores as the investments cost per MW for a Solar Power Project as of 2016.This cost is exclusive of trackers and the land costs.

The cost break up for a MW scale power project, however , remains vague.After extensive research, Solar Mango has tabulated below the individual contributions of each component in the power plant to the overall investment required.

Component Percentage Contribution to Costs
Supply Block
Modules 55-60%
Mounting Structures with trackers 15%
Inverters(Central) 5%
Cabling(DC, AC, Communication) 5%
Earthing and
Electrical Items –String Boxes,HT Panels,Transformers 4-5%
Material for Civil Works 1.5-2%
Switchyard,Protection Panel, Metering 2%
Service Block
Civil Works- Service Charge 1.5%
Mechanical and Electrical Works-Service Charge 1.5%
Project Management and Design 1%