Innovative Solar Monitoring Solutions from MachinePulse

Machinepulse is a leading provider of Solar plant Monitoring  and Asset Management solution, called “SolarPulse”,in India MachinePulse remains unique in the sense that their product offerings are modular and compatible across devices, protocols and network. They offer a complete range of end-to-end monitoring solutions including hardware (IceBox, Node X), cloud (Erixis) and application (SolarPulse) for both utility-scale and rooftop solar plants. MachinePulse has completed around 1 GW of solar monitoring solutions in India and Thailand.

MachinePulse offers a wide range of embedded devices and other products as a part of its monitoring solution. One recent innovation that MachinePulse is proud to present is Node X2. Highlights of the product are discussed below:


Figure 1: Node X2 Gateway and Data Logger

The Node X2 gateway and data logger is used to collect and monitor data from solar power plants including rooftops (residential, commercial and industrial) and utility scale solar plants. Node X2 can be used to acquire all the data points from devices such as inverters, ACDB’s, DCDB’s, relay cards, energy meters, weather stations etc. from various OEMs. This data is pushed to the cloud for bigdata analytics and can be visualized through their monitoring and asset management application, SolarPulse.

Differentiating features of the device

  • Connect to any up to 50 Modbus (RTU/TCP) compatible devices
  • OEM agnostic & can connect upto 10 different type of devices such as inverters, ACDB’s, DCDB’s, relay cards, energy meters, weather station etc. on a single unit
  • Plug and play with remote configuration and firmware upgradation
  • Automatic GPRS/GSM connectivity
  • Communication interface: Wi-Fi/GPRS/Ethernet
  • Communication protocols: MQTT, FTP, HTTPS
  • Supported formats: CSV, JSON
  • Security: Data encryption method SSL/TLS
  • On-board memory (SD card & USB)
  • Extendable local data backup to 30 days
  • Real-time data push at configurable intervals
  • Warranty & professional service support

3-step installation process:

  • Pre-configured device will be sent to the customer once the order is placed. Mount the device to the wall and plug in the ports.
  • Connect to the internet using GPRS enabled SIM, ethernet or Wifi. The device will then be available for remote configuration at MachinePulse’s end.
  • Once configuration is complete, data collection will start in an automatic and periodic mode. When the device is connected with the server, data can be visualized over the SolarPulse application.

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Interview with the CEO

Solar Mango, recently conducted an interview with Mr. Basant Jain, CEO of MachinePulse, Mahindra Susten.  A Q&A session which highlights his motivation, ambitions for two new data loggers of  MachinePulse has been provided below:

1. What is the main intent behind the second iteration of Node X, called Node X2?

At Machine Pulse, we are constantly trying to better our products so that our customers can get the most out of their association and business with us.

And the second iteration of Node X, namely Node X2 and Node X Lite, is a huge step towards making better, more advanced data loggers for our customers and first time PV plant owners.

2. Why are these data logger products important when inverters have their own in-built solution for data acquisition?

Data logging is an important part of every data driven process, especially when trying to find out how to optimize production and minimize failure. While most inverter devices have their own in-built solutions for data acquisition and analytics, they are all device (OEM) specific. By which the PV plant owners will have to collect the data from each data logger to analyze.

This is where MachinePulse cuts down this task. Node X, Node X2 and Node X Lite are OEM agnostic and function well across all inverter makes. Also, for owners that have a portfolio of PV plants, data loggers become a single point of contact from where they can acquire data.

3. How is Node X2 different from Node X1?

Node X2 is an upgrade from the previous version of the product, Node X1 in terms of the hardware and system design. Some of the key differentiating features of Node X2 are:

  • Optimized PCB design and upgraded firmware architecture.
  • In addition to MQTT, Node X2 also supports FTP, HTTPS communication protocols as well.
  • Node X2 also supports .CSV file format for upstream communication as compared to only JSON format in Node X1.
  • The device is more compact and light as compared to the previous version.
  • With new design there is no need for additional cooling apparatus thereby reducing the overall cost.

4. Has NodeX2 retained any of Node X1’s features?

Node X2 has carried over some of Node X1’s defining features. Those are:

  • Features such as multiple device support, communication protocols and file formats for upstream communication have been retained.

5. How is Node X2 different the Node X Lite?

  • While Node X2 caters to solar plants of all capacities, we identified there was a need for an advanced yet affordable version of the device for residential and small scale commercial rooftop plants. Some of the basic differences are:
    • Feature optimized hardware design
    • Limited memory support as compared to expandable memory feature in Node X2

6. Which segments are your targets for Node X2 and Node X Lite?

Node X2 caters to large commercial and industrial rooftop plants as well as small utility scale solar plants. Node X Lite  on the other hand, is a viable option for residential and small scale commercial plants.

7. When will these products be widely available?

Both Node X2 and Node X Lite were launched during REI, 2017 and have been available in the market since. We are working towards making them available in the digital marketplace as well in the near future.

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