Suninfiniti – Providing Sustainable Energy Solutions for All!

Suninfiniti, currently one the most predominant players in the solar industry operating in Bangalore, who have successfully established themselves at the top for providing best in class services and exceptional Solar PV projects.

Committed to provide affordable, efficient, reliable and sustainable solar energy solutions and coupling them with energy efficient products.

Services provided by Suninfiniti:

  • End to end implementation of the solar project which includes identifying your needs, surveys, conceptualizing and designing your solar projects.
  • They provide detailed proposal which will include cost analysis, recommended solutions, benefits and feasibility of the investment.
  • They manage the procurement, installation and contract management for all projects.
  • They assure to provide operations, repair and preventive maintenance as per need.

Solar Solutions for All:

Suninfiniti has completed 100+ assignments in solar roof top top areas and has covered almost 15-16 districts of Karnataka to successfully implement their innovative solar products. In addition to offering rooftop solar solutions, below are the list of products being offered by Suninfiniti:

  • Solar water Pumping system
  • Solar water heaters
  • Solar street lighting systems
  • Solar home lighting systems
  • Solar LED lanterns
  • Solar Emergency Tube lights
  • Energy efficient LEDs

Suninfiniti has a huge Dealer Network in 11 most prominent cities of Karnataka with 5000+ Installations completed all over the state. Rural electrification and lighting through innovation with a Mission “Sustainable energy solutions for all”.

They aim to accelerate the adoption of solar powered energy in India and to make Solar a mainstream source of power generation and to eliminate the dependency on fossil fuels to ensure a cleaner future.

Interested in Suninfiniti solutions? Please contact Mr. Haresh Kumar

Email:   Phone: +91- 9986941812

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3 thoughts on “Suninfiniti – Providing Sustainable Energy Solutions for All!

  1. Biswanath Sen

    All type solar Energy Solution providers

    Solar water Pumping system , Solar water heaters, Solar street lighting systems ,Solar home lighting systems Solar LED lanterns ,Solar Emergency and Tube lights Energy efficient LEDs

    More details Call us C Solar 8697000196

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