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How Choosing High Quality Components will Make a High Impact for Indian Solar Sector

As India races towards an aspirational 100 GW of solar power, there are some serious challenges that lie in the way.

One of the key challenges is the growth of the distributed or the rooftop solar sector.

While the government wants this sector to contribute 40 GW of the 100, the sector is growing way too slowly right […]

How High Grid Network Charges are Driving Rooftop Solar Adoption in Australia

An over-investment in grid network has resulted in “network charges’ on Australian electricity bills being the highest in the world.

But by charging these high prices, have the networks created conditions that will lead them to be undercut by new solar technologies? Jess Hill investigates, and finds they most probably would. This phenomenon on moving away from the grid will […]

By |November 8th, 2015|Rooftop Solar, Solar - Australia, Solar Cost|Comments Off on How High Grid Network Charges are Driving Rooftop Solar Adoption in Australia

Rooftop Solar Cost Vs Grid Power Price for Australian Cities

Interesting article here that compares, for the main Australian cities, the cost of rooftop solar power with the cost of grid power.

Going by this article, it appears that grid parity has been a reality in Australia for quite some time!

Do read the article when time permits – here

Adelaide Airport, Australia to Have a Large Rooftop Solar Installation

Sometime back, we reported that India’s Cochin airport has gone solar in a massive way.

Now, it is the turn of Australia’s Adelaide airport.

The airport will be installing a 1.17 MW rooftop solar installation soon.

Construction will be completed by Apr 2016, and it is claimed it will one of the country’s largest rooftop solar installations.

More details on […]

By |November 1st, 2015|Solar - Australia|0 Comments

Australian Rooftop Solar One of the Most Cost Effective, Says Report

Last I checked, rooftop solar in the US costs about $2.5-$3.5 per W – $2.5/W if it is a commercial rooftop and $3.5 if it is residential.

For Australia, a Cleantechnical report states that the corresponding figures are $1.6-$1.76/W, which also states that these are Two points I would like to make about this report, though:

These estimates suggest costs […]

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