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How Choosing High Quality Components will Make a High Impact for Indian Solar Sector

As India races towards an aspirational 100 GW of solar power, there are some serious challenges that lie in the way.

One of the key challenges is the growth of the distributed or the rooftop solar sector.

While the government wants this sector to contribute 40 GW of the 100, the sector is growing way too slowly right […]

Solar Trackers – Their on-the-ground benefits and challenges – Perspectives from prominent tracker manufacturers

Read an excellent article on the use of solar trackers from this Greentech Media report.

The news report uses perspectives from some of the top (US) solar tracker makers.

While of course, each tracker maker expectedly highlights some of the features from their own trackers, a few common points stand out as common:

Use of single-axis for ground-mounted solar power plants […]

Battery Storage – Making Solar Power Stable

Summary: How can you use solar power when there is no sunlight? By storing the power generated during sunshine hours in batteries.

Does solar power need battery storage? If yes, under what circumstances? What types of batteries are used for solar power plants today? And how much does battery storage cost?

In circumstances where solar power needs to be used […]

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