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Super Big List of Solar Calculators, Estimators and Other Tools

Here’s a BIG list of useful tools, calculators, estimators and illustrators for solar power plants – both rooftop and ground mounted.

Hope you find these useful and interesting.


Wish to Know How Much Rooftop Solar Can Satisfy Your Electricity Needs? – Here
Get to know the cost of Rooftop Solar – Solar calculator for Industrial/Commercial consumers […]

Don’t be Lakh Wise, Crore Foolish – Solar Mango’s Request to Solar Power Plant Developers

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OK, so you already know the stuff that’s presented above.

You have already read or heard about the fact that there are EPCs, and there are EPCs.

Given that it is well known that there are a number of rather average EPCs out there who could seriously harm your solar power plant investment, I find it […]

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