About Us

Why Solar Mango?

Solar Mango is a division of Energy Alternatives India (EAI), India’s largest renewable energy and clean technology research and consulting firm.

We receive many enquiries from intensive energy consumers interested in solar power, and realised that they face two obstacles when considering rooftop solar PV solutions

  • A lack of authoritative, practical inputs and insights on implementing and profiting from captive rooftop solar power
  • Difficulty in finding experienced vendors who can provide robust solutions that best serve their requirements

Solar Mango was created to address both concerns.

The Solar Mango website is dedicated to providing energy consumers with relevant, up-to-date, and practical information and insights into using rooftop solar power in India.

The Solar Mango division within EAI works to understand each consumer’s requirements and provide them with a solution in association with our technical partners that maximises their benefits from the rooftop solar system.

Our Company

Energy Alternatives India (EAI) is a boutique firm focusing on the Indian Renewable Energy and Cleantech industry. We operate across the spectrum of sustainable technologies, from mainstream areas such as Substitution of Diesel with Solar to niche domains such as Algae Fuels, with a special focus on Solar PV.

EAI runs the world’s largest solar energy network, Poztz, India’s largest renewable energy web site, the country’s largest renewable energy newsletter (EAI Daily) and India’s largest renewable energy community (EAI Club).

The bio-division of EAI runs the world’s foremost resource on algae biofuels, Oilgae and a dedicated resource on deriving sustainable materials from castor oil, CastorOil.in

More information on EAI can be found here.

Our Clients

EAI’s consulting team has assisted global and Indian blue chip companies in their sustainability efforts. Our consulting clients include the World Bank, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Reliance, La Farge, Vedanta, Tamil Nadu & Karnataka State Governments, MNRE, European Business & Technology Council, Amway and more.

Our research team has published many globally acclaimed reports across the entire sustainability spectrum. Customers for these reports include over 75 companies from Fortune 500 and over 10 from Fortune 100.

Our Team

Founded by professionals from IITs and IIMs, our team comprises professionals with diverse expertise – renewable energy/cleantech, energy engineering, management consulting, and finance specialists.

Detailed team profiles can be found Below:


Narasimhan Santhanam

Cofounder and Director

Narasimhan Santhanam is one of the founders of EAI and serves as its director who guides the company in strategy and promotions.

Narasimhan has extensive experience in understanding renewable energy markets and strategic levers for success in these markets. His special focus has been his work on the Indian renewable energy industry. His work in the past 15 years in India and the UK has spanned market and strategic consulting, industry research, product management and international sales.

His work for the Indian renewable energy industry has focused on providing business intelligence, strategic consulting and opportunity analysis to entrepreneurs, top management and businesses expanding into renewable energy. He, along with his team, has been acting as a catalyst for creating awareness about renewable energy and sustainability in India.

Skills in Renewable Energy Industry

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Entry and Diversification Strategies for Companies Keen on Renewable Energy Industry
  • Techno-economic feasibility of renewable energy projects
  • Market and Industry Research
  • Industry Research

Specifically, Narasimhan has worked on critical assignments that span the entire solar PV value chain – from polysilicon to power plants – thus bringing forth comprehensive expertise and knowledge few, if any, experts in the country can boast about.

Narasimhan has a B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) & an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIMC)


Raja Manuel Muthayya

Senior Consultant

Raja is a part of EAI’s strategic consulting team. He has extensive experience in financial modelling, and has helped value some of the most famous real estate assets in the world. His career has spanned Citigroup, GRO, McKinsey and HP.

He has an MBA from the Singapore Institute of Commerce.