About Us

What is Solar Mango?

Solar Mango is the web’s leading solar energy guide.

Our objective is to create awareness, educate and assist diverse segments on solar energy, its benefits and applications.

The consulting division of Solar Mango has a special focus on India, and provides comprehensive strategic assistance in Diversification into Solar, India Market Entry assistance , Due Diligence for M&As and Captive solar power plant development . For more details on how Solar Mango can help in these, see here.

Solar Mango has published the following tools for providing guidance on implementing a solar power plant.

  • Ask Solar Mango – one of the largest databases of questions and answers on solar energy
  • Blog Posts – on the latest developments, innovations and more
  • White Papers & Reports – detailed industry & research reports for a range of solar energy topics
  • Dictionary – a dictionary that makes extra efforts to make it easy for you to understand over 250 solar energy terms
  • Suncyclopedia – the solar encyclopedia takes readers through an interesting route to understand key aspects of solar energy
  • Calculators & Estimators – estimate costs of solar power, estimated output for solar power plants, and also use special tools we have created to estimate specific but useful stuff related to solar.
  • Videos – the Solar Mango Studio publishes videos on select topics of solar energy, with a focus on providing easy to understand guidance

Solar Mango provides detailed guidance for both solar thermal and solar photovoltaic (PV) sectors

Solar Mango’s tools and content can be of special help to the following segments:

  • Developers keen on implementing and running large solar power plants
  • Financial investors keen on investing in utility scale or distributed solar power plants
  • Businesses keen on installing rooftop solar power plants
  • Residences keen on installing rooftop solar power plants
  • Students and researchers keen on understanding research and career opportunities in solar
  • Bureaucrats and government officials keen on understanding policy and regulatory aspects in solar
  • Solar, energy and renewable energy industry professionals keen on knowing the latest developments in solar

And Finally…Why the name Solar Mango?

And Finally…Why the name Solar Mango?
Many have asked us about the rather curious name.
Why Mango?
Well, because mango is sweet. And our wish is to make Solar Mango make solar as sweet and easy to you as…mango.
Hope we succeed in our aim.