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Solar Mango is a division of Energy Alternatives India (EAI), India’s largest renewable energy and clean technology research and consulting firm.

  • Solar Mango has been acquainted with the solar PV sector right from the time the first batch of the National Solar Mission started, in 2010.
  • We have assisted many companies in fully assessing the commercial feasibility for becoming a medium or large scale IPP in the solar power sector.
  • Our extensive relationships with key stakeholders such as panel and BoS manufacturers, as well as with policy makers and government, ensures that you get the most authentic assistance and advice for the entire duration of the solar power plant implementation.

Solar Mango provides turnkey assistance to companies keen on becoming a dominant developer or IPP for the solar PV sector. The following are the key components of our services:

  • Thorough Financial Evaluation of the Project

    Solar power projects typically have a lifetime of 25 years; it is hence critical that a developer does a rigorous evaluation of all financial aspects of the project. With its in-depth understanding of every small component involved in the solar PV power plant value chain, Solar Mango is one of the most authentic experts available in the country to provide you with financial modeling and evaluation that will stand the toughest scrutiny.

  • Understanding of Indian Market & Regulatory Structure

    With our presence in the Indian solar sector right from its inception six years back, we understand the Indian solar market and regulatory structure exceptionally well, and hence are able to provide clear and critical analysis with region-specific focus, tuned to the developer’s needs.

  • Vendor Evaluation

    Solar Mango can provide you with a rigorous evaluation of EPC and components for implementing your solar power plant. In the role of project management assistance, we will also assist you in making critical component decisions – especially for critical components such as panels and inverters – so that you get the highest quality components and solutions at the best possible price.

  • Due Diligence of All Commercials

    – Our expert team will do a thorough analysis of all the commercials required during the entire process of the solar power plant implementation. This will include commercials for the EPC, commercials involved in the PPA signing, and more.

  • Preparing the Feasibility Report and Presentations to Financial Institutions

    We will prepare the complete techno-commercial feasibility analysis and detailed project report that will be needed by the banks and other lending financial institutions.

  • Assistance in the Bidding Process

    Where your organization is interested in bidding for central or state government solar projects, Solar Mango’s commercial team will assist in the competitive bidding process to ensure that you get the best deal possible. Please note that even a small difference in the bidding price can result in a difference of crores of rupees as the projects are usually of 10 MW and above, running into power purchase agreements for 25 years.

  • Identifying Third Parties for Power Purchase

    In select cases, Solar Mango assists clients in identifying private off-takers for solar power generated. Please note however that private purchase of large scale solar power is yet to take off in a large manner in India, and hence this avenue is open only in select cases, based on specific regions and for select clients.

  • Assistance in Recruiting and Developing a Core Team

    If your firm is new to the Indian solar sector, it will also require a strong team to become a fully functional IPP or developer. Solar Mango, with its vast industry contacts, as well as through its large renewable energy portals and popular industry newsletter, is ideally positioned to help you put together the best possible team.

  • Project Management Assistance during Power Plant Implementation

    Solar Mango, through its technical partners, can also provide you with the Owner’s Engineer assistance during the solar power plant implementation. In this role, we provide you complete support in the form of review of daily progress, regular reporting and also auditing of the key components of the project implementation based on international standards and checklists.

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Case Study

Sirwar Solar Power Project

Background: A client holding a PPA under the Karnataka Land Owning Farmer’s Scheme, required turnkey assistance for solar PV power plant implementation. The client approached Solar Mango for assistance in the entire process of solar power plant development – from financial modeling until the time the power plant starts exporting power to the grid.

Location: Sirwar, Raichur Dist, Karnataka

Capacity: 2.2 MW DC

Scope of Work

  1. EPC Selection
    • Providing intelligence to the client on the types of EPCs available and the pros and cons of each type of EPC
    • Using Solar Mango’s vast network with EPCs, interact with a range of EPCs to select the one that qualifies on all or most parameters
    • Arrive at the best possible cost with the ideal EPC
  1. DPR Preparation and assistance in securing bank loan
  • Prepare a professional DPR to secure banker’s confidence
  • Explore diverse avenues for securing loans by utilizing Solar Mango’s contacts in the banking and finance circles
  • Arrive at the best possible financing deal for the client
  1. Financial Modeling to Provide Precise Estimates on Costs and Returns
  • Detailed cash flow analysis to estimate the project and equity IRRs for the project
  1. Additional Services:
  • Oversight on component selection
  • Hard negotiations with the EPC and solar tracker company to ensure client’s faith in tracker implementation


  • Direct cost savings up to Rs 40 lakhs/MW due to interest rate cuts and Buyer’s credit
  • Assurance of enhanced performance of the power plant by expert hand-holding in component selection

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