Exclusive India Solar Expert Guide from Solar Mango

To assist those entering the fast growing solar sector in India, or those keen having a solar power plant on their rooftop, Solar Mango has published the following two exclusive industry guides.

  • Solar Profits
  • India Solar Module Manufacturing Report

Each of these has been published with an expert team of solar industry consultants and analysts who have had hands on experience with the solar power sector in India right from the beginning of the solar sector growth in India.

Solar Profit

A wide range of business opportunities is possible in solar energy for both small and large businesses. Tens of thousands of businesses in India could benefit by getting into this emerging and fast growth sector

Solar Profits from Solar Mango is the only comprehensive expert guide for small, medium and large businesses keen on benefiting from the exploding growing solar energy sector in India.

The Solar Profits Expert Guide from Solar Mango examines the different segments of the solar PV value chain and evaluates the opportunities and risks present in each. The guide provides decision makers – both small and large businesses – the framework and supporting data to enable them analyse the sector better and make wiser investment decisions.

More about http://www.solarmango.com/in/reports/sme-opportunities-in-indian-solar-power.

India Solar Module Manufacturing Report

Solar Mango has come up with an updated version of its acclaimed India Solar PV Module Manufacturing expert report.

The data, inputs, insights and analyses from this expert guide will be highly valuable to any business keen to understand the Indian solar module manufacturing opportunity – the market sizes, technology options, investment required, expected returns and other key market and competitor information.   

This report would be invaluable for the following stakeholders:

  • Professionals Entrepreneurs, startups and businesses keen on venturing into module manufacturing business
  • Banks and financial institutions keen on knowing the latest investments and returns in the sector
  • Other key solar power sector stakeholders – EPCs, power plant developers, system integrators, component manufacturers and support service providers
  • Solar module making machinery line makers to understand the current and emerging solar power market in India better

More about http://www.solarmango.com/in/reports/solar-module-manufacturing-report/.





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