In ground-mounted plants, solar trackers are very common and help direct the solar panels along the direction of the sun thereby increasing production while reducing LCOE over its lifetime.

But, why are solar trackers on rooftops very rare?

Solar rooftop trackers are generally avoided because putting up trackers on rooftops is quite complex due to high wind conditions and the need to minimize loads on rooftops (trackers can add significantly to the weight of a solar power plant installation).

In a highly dynamic solar industry, an innovation that would simply the process of installation and also the cost for rooftop solar trackers wouldn’t be so much of a surprise!

In fact, a start-up called Edison Microgrids has done just this by launching a tracking system specifically designed for commercial and industrial rooftops. This tracking system claims to produce 30% more electricity generation compared to currently used rooftop trackers and 40% more than trackless plants.

In the rooftop segment, innovations such as these will be highly beneficial for large-commercial and industrial rooftops, especially considering the need to maximize rooftop space for solar energy generation