MNRE Online Training Course on

Solar Design and Installation

Certification by SRRA-NIWE,unit of MNRE, at Just Rs.599/-


Conducted By

Iacharya Silicon Limited, in Collaboration with SRRA -NIWE


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What will be the training methodology?

The course will be delivered online in a combination of lecture/PPT/multimedia/video formats, including design exercises , case studies and virtual onsite installation videos.

Who should attend the program?

People already working in the solar industry, new entrepreneurs, students and graduates looking to euqip themselves with comprehensive knowledge on solar design and installation will surely benefit from the program. The training program will also benefit solar installers, engineers, ITI/diploma holders, project managers and electricians.

How will the attendees benefit from the program?

On successful completion of the program, the registered candidates will receive a joint certificate from MNRE and Iacharya Silicon Limited.

Course Overview:

The online course covers various aspects of solar PV feasibility studies, basics of design, installation, operation and maintenance of solar power plants.

The course will enable participants to effectively work on design, integration and management of solar power projects.It also prepares candidates to explore entrepreneurship ventures in the solar industry.

Highlights of the Training Program:

  • Basics of photovoltaic systems
  • Basics of electromagnetic spectrums and radiation study
  • Shading analysis
  • Designing of solar power systems
  • Grounding concepts
  • Civil construction and lightening protection
  • Testing and commissioning of solar power plants
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Personal and protective equipment
  • Virtual onsite training
To register for the online training programClick Here

Kindly note: Use coupon code: solarmango0917 to avail a discount of Rs.25/ –

About Iacharya Silicon Limited:

Iacharya Silicon Limited, Chennai, is a solar energy engineering, consultancy and training company. The training division works with National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) for the Suryamitra program and SRRA, NIWE for online training programs.