Why Indian Solar Power Plants Should Use Trackers

It was not long ago that solar trackers were considered an unnecessary luxury while setting up solar power plants. Although they brought about an increase in plant performance, developers weren’t willing to invest on the additional costs.

Solar Trackers are devices that come in conjunction with the mounting structures and help direct the panels in the […]

How to Choose the Best Solar Panel?

Solar panels are the heart of a solar power system as they are the ones that generate electricity! The rest of the solar power plant is only to ensure that the electricity thus generated is converted and transported optimally.

In addition to its fundamental role, solar panels account for around 60% of the total cost of a solar […]

What are Central Inverters?

Inverter, as we know, is the heart of every PV plant. It converts direct current produced by the solar panels and converts it into AC electricity which required by the appliances. In addition to this, it additionally monitors and controls the PV system.

The types of inverters available in the market are:

Central inverter: Here individual solar […]

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What are Micro Inverters?

We know that solar panels produce Direct Current electricity. This needs to be converted to AC (Alternating Current) in order to power the appliances connected to the solar PV system. This is where the inverters come in. The types are:

Central and String Inverters: Individual solar panels are connected in series to form strings in order […]

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Are Solar Modules Recyclable?

Solar is growing quickly, but it is just maturing as an industry, and its products are only just beginning to approach middle-age. The vast majority of global PV installations have more than a decade of life left in them. With no moving parts to wear out, they last a long time.

Relative to other industries facing […]

What is a String Inverter?

A solar inverter is an electronic equipment that converts the electricity produced by solar panel (DC power) to electricity that is sent to the utility grid or a household appliance (AC power).

There are 3 kinds of inverters used in solar panels today:

Micro inverters
Central inverters
String inverters

What are string inverters?

String inverters converts the DC electricity to AC […]

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Why Batteries are Required for Large Scale Rooftop Solar?

Battery banks give a constant level of electrical power and stores energy produced from the large rooftop solar system (>500kW approximately) during the day and power appliances at night. For large scale rooftop solar systems, we need batteries with long, reliable life and low cost of ownership. Today’s batteries are better than ever before and […]

Can I have 24×7 Power from Rooftop Solar if I Use Batteries?

Why we need batteries for solar PV systems?

The vast majority of PV systems today are grid-connected. If the grid fails, power cannot be drawn from the PV systems even when the sun is shining. This is a precaution taken to protect the utility workers repairing the failed lines. So you’ve the PV systems (which you’ve […]

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Can I have Rooftop Solar Panels without Penetrating My Roof?

Yes, there are mountings systems that offer non-penetration of the roofs for your rooftop solar.

Traditionally the use of rooftop solar with penetration of the roof has been in practice for a long time. However, non-penetrating rooftop solar has emerged has it can be installed in roofs that are quite ageing or cannot withstand any alterations […]

How Critical are Mounting Structures for a Rooftop Solar Power Plant?

What are solar mounting structures?

Mounting systems can often be the most complicated portion of a solar PV system installation as they form the foundation of the system – they protect the modules, the roof and people over a lifetime that can exceed 25 years.

Thus, it can be seen that solar mounting structures are far more […]

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