Solar Industry offers a wide range of attractive jobs requiring different skill sets, ranging from the technical (such as engineering, manufacturing, designing, installation/construction and operations & maintenance) to the commercial (such as sales, marketing, procurement, supply chain management, strategy, consulting, operations, finance, accounting, project management, etc.).Solar Mango would advise students passionate about solar energy to pursue their dreams and have compiled below sections that will help them achieve it.

Solar Terms You Should Know

Basic Solar Concepts Explained

Job Opportunities in Solar Sector

Videos and Tutorials on Solar

Upcoming Events and Training Programs

Training Institutes and Reference Resources

Solar Labs

The exponential growth in the Solar Industry world over, along with  conducive government policies have brought in confidence among developers to invest in Solar Energy. This has resulted in several businesses diversifying  into and focusing on this industry. And as we know, several Solar EPCs/Installers are there in the  market and are trying to differentiate their service. Solar Mango urges them to use the following sections to hone their business operations and reap in the benefits of the current environment.

Upcoming Events and Training Programs

Training Institutes and Reference Resources

Guidelines to Become a Successful EPC

Types of EPCs

Best of Breed Practices for EPCs

Attractive Market Segments

Business Models Under Which Power Plants Operate

Characteristics of Target Segments for EPCs

Key Operational Challenges for EPCs

Key Mistakes EPCs Should Avoid

Solar Component Checklists

With solar power reaching grid parity and scoring over conventional power alternatives, many companies are currently showing keen interest in going for solar power plants for their electricity needs. Yet, decision making regarding this is slow since the stakeholders are unsure of various aspects of Solar Power. Solar Mango has compiled below sections which will ease the decision making for the end-users of solar energy.

Super BIG FAQ on Rooftop Solar Power

Super BIG FAQ on MW- Scale Solar Power Plants

Incentives and Policies Applicable

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