Can Solar Panels be Damaged by Floods?


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Well, yes, solar panels can be damaged by floods, but selection of good quality components – module junction boxes, backsheets and cables can dramatically increase the robustness of your solar panels and solar power plant to flood and water.

You see, continuous immersion in water has the potential to adversely affect the following:

  • The bottom of solar panels, which comprise module junction box and the backsheet.
  • Cables that go from the solar panels to inverters is another component that can potentially be damaged by flood water as this part is also exposed to the outside to a large extent.

For this reason especially, it is important that your module junction box has good IP rating. A high IP rating for the module junction box will ensure that it is protected quite well against water ingress. Module junction boxes come with IP 65 or 67 rating. IP (Ingress Protection) is a measure of how good the junction box is protected against water and dust. An IP 67 rating usually guarantees a very high level of protection against both these elements.

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The backsheet being of high quality is another way by which your solar panels can be protected against rising flood water. Backsheets are made of PET (polyester) or PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), or a combination of the two. While currently PVDF is considered the ideal material for backsheet owing to its thermal and moisture barrier properties, it is said that PET-based backsheets are also catching up on quality, while costing less than PVDF backsheets.

Typically, good quality cables also have protection against water, as they are all manufactured with good resistance to water absorption.

For rooftop solar owners, especially if your rooftop had been waterlogged severely during rains, there could be the accidental risk of being harmed by the DC current from the panels. During floods, the solar power system can be damaged, and the result could be a flow of direct current within the array (before the inverter) even if the AC current from the grid or the current between the inverter and the grid connection has been switched off.

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