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Solar is a fast growing and ultra competitive business. There are a number of companies that take significant risks to succeed, and some of these companies could get into trouble. The recent case (July 2016) of SunEdison’s bankruptcy is an example.

There is a good chance that the manufacturer of your solar panel could go out of business, if history were any indication – which has shown that even some large solar panel manufacturers have either gone bankrupt or gone completely out of business.

So, what should you do to protect yourself?

Take third party insurance for your solar panels. This way, you are able to sidestep problems just in case your solar panel maker goes out of business and is no longer able to deliver on the promised warranties. See here for such a third party insurance backed warranty that comes along with Trina Solar modules, where it says – “25 year non cancellable term – even if Trina Solar becomes insolvent or bankrupt”.

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