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For many prospects keen on installing solar power plants on their rooftops, one vexing concern will be the extent of shading that trees or other structures on/around the rooftop could do on the solar panels.

Shading is a problem in PV modules caused by shadows falling on a solar panel producing power.

Current drops proportionally to the reduced irradiance; shading on just one cell can reduce power output to zero from all cells connected in series to that cell. The output declines proportionally to the amount of shading.

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Solar system owners should be vigilant in making sure that they do not locate the solar panels in regions on their rooftops that could get seriously affected by shading.

Many modern panels, however, come equipped with devices called bypass diodes which minimise the effects of partial shading by essentially enabling electricity to ‘flow around’ the shaded cell or cells.

Source: Shading of Solar Panels from Solar Mango’s Solar Dictionary

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