What Off-grid Solar Products have High Profit Potential in India?

Sweet Answer from Solar Mango: (updated Jul 2015)

seattle sleepless singles products currently have significant opportunities in those regions or circumstances where grid power is either not available or its availability is highly uncertain.

According to the MNRE, the Indian Ministry for New and Renewable Energy, more than five crore households in India need off-grid products. The largely untapped market for the off-grid solar products and equipments in India is thus huge.

The precise answer to what are the attractive off-grid solar product markets will depend on the region, as what could be required in developed countries from off-grid solar could be quite different from the needs that could be satisfied in say, some African countries.

For India, based on the survey of the Indian market for the past 3 years by Solar Mango, the off-grid products with high potential are the following

  • Solar lanterns – mainly in villages and in small towns
  • Solar streetlight – in both rural and urban areas, but mainly in towns that have erratic power supply
  • Small solar power packs (these effectively comprise a 100 W-500 W solar panel with 3-4 LEDs and in some cases a fan) – mainly in villages and remote locations
  • Solar water pumps – in many agricultural regions in the country
  • Solar torchlights and emergency lights – both urban and rural regions

For reference, a more detailed list of off-grid solar product possibilities is provided below, even though many of these might not be attractive to the Indian market

Comprehensive List of Off-grid Solar Products

Lights for Home & Garden

  • Underground Lights (Surface Level)
  • Pool Lights (Floating Lights)
  • Edge Marking Light (Low Profile)
  • Craft Lights (Ornamental Figures)
  • Flood Lights
  • Post or Pillar Cap Lights
  • Lawn Lights (Spike Ends)
  • Garden Lights (Medium Height)
  • Decorative Lights (e.g. Stick Lights)
  • Table Umbrella Lights
  • Yard Lights (over 2m Height)
  • Bicycle Lamp

Solar Products for Homes and Buildings

  • Door Bell
  • Fixed Ventilation Fans
  • Portable Ventilation Fans
  • Air Purifier
  • Lights to Attach to Windows
  • Windows with Integrated Lights
  • Roller Blinds or Shutters
  • Warning Lights for Tall Buildings
  • Solar Powered Digital Thermometer

Solar Products for Rail, Sea & Air Transport

  • Airfield Lights
  • Maritime Light Buoy
  • Railway Crossing Warning Alarm
  • Bird Scaring Cannon System

Other Industrial Applications

  • Agriculture and Water
    • Electric Fence
    • Robot Mobile Electric Fence
    • Water Irrigation system
    • Water Desalination
    • Water Treatment (Reverse Osmosis)
    • Remote Water Level Meter
  • Telecommunications
    • Communications Satellite
    • Radio Tower Power Systems
    • Emergency Telephone

Portable Solar Power Supply Products

  • Hearing Aid Battery Charger
  • Mobile Phone Charger
  • Universal Standard Batteries Charger
  • Battery Charger Integrated into Backpack
  • Battery Charger in Umbrella
  • Small General Purpose Battery Charger
  • Suitcase Power Unit
  • Portable Folding (or Roll) Power Unit
  • Portable Panel Power Unit

Water Pumps and Fountains

  • Water Oxygenation
  • Bird Bath & Fountains

Popular Lighting Products

  • Lights for Public Streets
    • Street Lights
    • Lamp Post Illuminations (Art Lights)
    • Advertising Billboard Lighting
    • Kiosk and Shelter Lighting
  • Torches and Lanterns
    • Torch
    • Table Lamps
    • Key Ring Light

Solar Power for Consumer Electronics

  1. Calculators
  2. Watch, Clock
  3. Radio
  4. Radio/Headphones
  5. Blue Tooth Earpiece
  6. Hearing Aid
  7. Mobile Phone
  8. PC Keyboard
  9. Personal Media Players
  10. Bluetooth GPS Receiver
  11. Hearing Protector

 Traffic Lights, Signs, Safety, etc.

  • Traffic Signs and Lights
  • Traffic Studs
  • General Purpose Warning Light
  • Traffic Arrow Directional Lights
  • Rain Activated Warning Light
  • Private Car Parking Barriers
  • Pay and Display Meter

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