How do I Know If My Solar System is Working Properly?

Simple Ways to Check the Solar Power System

There are some simple and easy measures which give pointers whether the solar system he owns is working fine or not.

The simplest way to figure out if the solar power system is working fine is to check the output from the panels every day. This data can be noted from the inverter. This is usually displayed in either Wh or kWh. If the output matches what is expected from your region (in kWh/W per day), then you can rest assured that the solar power plant is working fine. A lower reading might not necessarily mean that there is a problem with the solar, it could be owing to a day with poor sunshine. But if the day had enough sunshine and the reading shows a very low output, it is time to check out if there is anything wrong wit the system.

Visual Inspection

A visual inspection of the entire solar system also can come in handy in order to make sure the system is functioning well. Look out for any loose wires, broken panels or other physical damage to the system and have this informed to the installer or vendor who can help you fix it.

Using the Inverter

Apart from the solar panels themselves, the other component that is vital to proper functioning is the inverter. The inverters are the brains of a solar system. The proper working of the inverter is a clear indictor of the health of the system. To ensure everything is fine with the inverter, check the inverter indicator lights. On most inverters, if the indicator lights are red or orange, it implies that there is some problem. Red light usually means a fault is present and an orange light indicates a warning.

Solar power systems, if installed correctly, seldom require repairs. All you need to do from your side is to clean the panels once in a while and you are good to go. Also follow the above instructions to ensure that your system is working fine.

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