How Do I Choose the Right Installer for a Rooftop Solar System?

The solar industry has gotten complicated by the emergence of a whole lot of solar products, multiple players and financing options, that it has become increasingly difficult to filter out the information and choose what is best for you. It is in this scenario that a solar installer gains prominence.
A solar installer provides you with step-by-step guidance on the different aspects that you to be aware of while installing a solar rooftop power plant, completes the installation process for you and often takes care of maintenance. The complete process of installing the solar plant is fine-tuned and tailored to the needs of the customer.

In order to choose the best installer for your needs, the following factors have to be analysed:

1.Customer reviews/ references

This is often a first step towards finding some reliable information on solar installers. It is recommended to ask neighbours, family and friends who have already installed solar panels. This would give a brief idea of popular solar installers around your area.

It is also advisable to ask the installer for any references from previous customers. The installer should be willing to discuss details of precious installations installed and refer to clients. The willingness of the installer to share details with the customer is an indication of trustworthiness.
Moreover, Sufficient online research has to be conducted and customer reviews have to be read.

2.Track record/experience

It is better to go with an installer who has a track record of working in the solar industry. You should be aware that you are going to work with the installer for the entire lifetime of the solar power plant. This necessitates the need for choosing an installer who has an established presence. Therefore, go for an installer that has a long term future. So, have a look at the commercial viability and commitments of the company.

3.Certifications and insurance

The quality of the solar professionals who perform the installation is another aspect that should be looked into. The technical expertise of the installer should be verified by some form of certification. Certifications can vary from country to country and has to be checked accordingly.

“>Moreover the solar installer should possess the required business licenses to perform the installation. Valid insurance policies should also be accounted for.

4.Customer service

The way the sales process is carried out by the installer is an indication of how the company is managed. A sales person from a professional and reputed company answers all your questions accurately and completely. Better customer service is often associated with high levels of customer satisfaction.

Most importantly, the service that the installer provides during the sales process is an indication of the service to be expected during installation and future maintenance services.


One way to differentiate the best installers from the rest is by understanding the workmanship warranties that they provide. This kind of warranty is specific to the labour and expertise of performing the installations. Ask questions related to how long would the installer provide operation and maintenance services. The longer the workmanship warranty, the more reliable the installer. Of course, this is done under the assumption that the installer does not go out of business.


It should be understood that considering the multitude of factors that have to be looked into while making an investment in solar, it is vital to allocate sufficient time to choose the right installer. Selection of the solar installer could make or break your deal.

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