What are the Prominent Off-grid Solar Products?

What is off-grid solar?

An off-grid solar system is a decentralized solar energy system adopted by homes and small businesses to produce reliable and cost-effective power. In isolated locations, off-grid systems tend to be cheaper than establishing transmission lines in the area.

Benefits of off-grid solar

Some of the reasons off-grid systems are gaining popularity are the following:

  • Low running costs
  • Desire to go solar
  • Freedom of living off the grid
  • Combining various generating options available
  • Available storage and backup
  • No overhead wires and hence no transmission loss

Prominent off-grid solar products

While the total number of categories of off-grid solar products is vast, the main applications/products and their user segments are:

Products Market Segment
Off-grid solar PV systems Residential and rural applications for power generation
Solar street lighting Residential communities, large corporate campuses, government projects, parking lots
Solar home systems Places with unreliable grid system
Solar lanterns Rural areas with no access to electricity
Solar water pumps Agricultural farms
Solar torchlights and emergency lights Common use/daily use
Solar water heaters For household water heating especially for bathing, and in select industrial water heating


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